Vendor Guidelines

Southwest Community Farmers’ Market Vendors Agreement & Guidelines
Year-round, on Saturdays 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Welcome to the Southwest Community Farmers’ Market! Your participation is very much appreciated. You are the Market! We know the Market will grow thanks to you and the community you will serve. Please read the guidelines, then fill out the agreement form.

Intent to gather local farmers, local vendors, and the community in an open green space; to provide fresh produce, healthy foods, local home-based industries, information, and to have fun. We want to encourage the participation of the southwest Miami-Dade community.

Location The grounds of Miami-Dade Tropical Park, 7900 Bird Rd., entrance off Bird Road/40th St.
Hours and Days of Operation Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Market will be open to the public, rain or shine. The Market will run year-round.

Guidelines for Vendors

These guidelines are intended to ensure safety for the vendors and customers, to protect the integrity of the Market, to provide a good place for vendors to provide quality products and wares while serving the community.

Eligibility The Market welcomes vendors of locally-grown food with emphasis on organic and sustainably-grown fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, honey, and dairy products. The Market also seeks locally-made and organic prepared foods such as baked goods and jams as well as ready-to-eat prepared food. The Market will be focused on food products both fresh and prepared.
Non-profit and community organizations may display information, hold demonstrations, or sell items for specific, pre-approved items. If sales occur, the organization will be considered a vendor and pay a fee.

The Market welcomes all applications at any time during the season; the Market Operator will select vendors for appropriateness to the Market. There is a $10.00 application fee. To facilitate the general ease of operation new vendors must apply by the Wednesday before the Saturday they wish to start.
Vendors will notify Market Operator (414 975-3484 or 305 663-0917) at least 24 hours in advance if unable to participate in the Market.

By signing and submitting the agreement form vendors agree:

* that they have read the agreement and guidelines

* that they have all permits and licenses required by the nature of their business, in compliance with the County and State regulations. All required permits need to be displayed during the hours of the Market

* to sign a liability waiver

General Rules

Vendors and customers are expected to behave in a cooperative and respectful manner. Any issues should be directed to the Market Operator. The Market Operator may ask anyone to leave at any time.
If any vendor brings minors/children under 18, the vendor is fully and completely responsible for the safety and protection of that child. Additionally, a background check will be required of the lead person/owner/at market personnel.

Set Up and Break Down Vendors are welcome to set up at 7 am and will leave the site by an hour after Market close. Vendors are responsible for providing all equipment for their business, including tents, umbrellas, tables, chairs, scales, etc. and for bringing sufficient change.

Stall spaces are 10’X10’; vendors who need more space will make previous arrangement with the Market Operator.

All displays must be secured against wind, for example, tents must be weighted with at least 10 pounds per leg and umbrellas must have at least 50 pounds.

All vendors must have current business licenses. All required permits need to be displayed during the hours of operation.

The Market Operator reserves the right to locate the vendors for the benefit of the Market. Space priority goes to the vendors who participate in the Market on a regular basis. Vendors who choose to come occasionally will be assigned a space on a first come, first served basis.

All food and produce must be labeled to inform customers of its certification and origin, for example:

Organic, sustainably grown, locally grown, conventionally farmed, home-baked, fair-trade, etc.

Vendors preparing food to consume on site or to take away will use gloves to handle the food.

No motorized unit will be running during the Market except for the purpose of refrigeration. If a generator is used, it must be a “silent” model.

The site provides water but no electricity.

Vendors must remove all equipment from the site and leave their location clean at all time.

Vendors are encouraged to minimize waste and to recycle and/or compost.

Fees:  Vendors will pay $25 per week maximum for their 10’ x 10’ space. Fee for additional space is negotiated with the Market operator. Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying their own sales tax, if applicable, for goods and services sold at the Market. Fees will be collected on a monthly basis, and are due the first Saturday of every month.

Token System Agreement

Urban Oasis Project (UOP) will be accepting credit (MC /VISA/ Discover), debit, and SNAP/EBT. SNAP purchases will also be given double value, up to $20 free every week of the Market. You as the vendor can now accept tokens as cash, and must redeem at the end of each Market day at the UOP booth for payment.

Running credit cards or debit cards will be subject to a $1 convenience fee paid for by the vendor if cards are processed through Urban Oasis Project.

SNAP/EBT Guidelines

USDA Food and Nutrition Services for SNAP/EBT operation guidelines will be followed by Urban Oasis Project, which will at all times maintain a POS credit/debit/EBT card terminal on site. Vendors may accept EBT for allowable purchases through Urban Oasis Project’s token system, in which EBT users purchase tokens to spend on allowable purchases at the Market. All SNAP guidelines from USDA will be followed at all times. Any employee, volunteer, or vendor not adhering to USDA FNS guidelines for SNAP may be terminated or excluded from the program.

Allowable purchases at Market under SNAP:
● Foods for the household to eat.
● Packaged foods intended for take home consumption.
● Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat.

Purchases not allowed at Market under SNAP:
● Foods that will be eaten at the Market.
● Hot foods.
● Vitamins and medicines.
● Alcohol or tobacco products.
● Non-food items such as body care products, household items, pet food, or other.
Cash change may ONLY be given when a $5 token is used. No change for $1 tokens may be given.

Parking:  Vendors can unload and load their vehicles at their booth location. They will then park, promptly before Market opens, in designated spaces. Market hours are 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. All vendors must remove their vehicles from the Market area prior to 9:00 AM. Any vendor who has not arrived and unloaded prior to 9:00 AM, will be located on the outer edges of the Market, no matter where the vendor’s regular spot is located, for that day. Alternatively, you may hand-carry your tents, tables, stock, etc. to your “spot”. No vehicles will be permitted to enter the Market area after 9:00 A.M. Likewise, no vehicles will be permitted to enter the Market area prior to 3:00 P.M. for breakdown, except in cases when the Market itself closes early (due to severe weather, etc.).

Please sign below to accept the terms of this agreement and to affirm that you have read the Guidelines and will abide by them. Please consult the UOP booth for any clarifications.

Vendor signature:______________________________________Date: ____________________

Print name: _____________________________________________________

Application 3/01/15

Every Saturday, All Year, 9am - 3pm!

Southwest Community Farmer's Market